Dear Penfriends
This is a short description of the pens that have come along. Briefly to capture some uniqueness that i found in each pen. Every fountain pen has its own beauty and uniqueness regardless of its price.
And of course, please let me know if there are certain things that i have overlooked or that i should have done differently. Your comments will help to improve this page.

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FP Writing

 The following dimension details are
taken from the Blue demo
Kaweco Student. This pen allows for conversion into Eye-dropper. Although it is made for cartridge

*Also interesting to note is
that the nib insert is so designed
that it can be used as an
eye dropper without the need to apply
silicone grease. Very well designed.


The Bani-E Eyedropper is a retired model.
But a very well made- custom hand made- eyedropper. Urushi coated and huge cigar shape.
This details may provide some info to a pen that i would think is a legacy.
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The detail technicalities of the vita orange celluloid is as seen in the following sketch. (Please click on the diagram to enlarge it). The vita orange celluloid is a chinese celluloid FP. Unlike earlier pens this is made of genuine celluloid with black plastic cap. A very impressive pen and design.

4.   3776 PLATINUM
The platinum 3776 detail

The 3776 is the flag ship model of platinum and many version comes with this dimension.
The nib could be either 14kt
or gold plated, depending on the pen price.

5. Dip- Nib Coil For Improve Ink Capacity
Simple Coil could greatly increase ink capacity of the nib with a single Dip. This short para of 132 letter is with single dip, still enough ink to do a little sketch of the coil.

6. Fran-ken Pen, Long Black with Italic Cursive Nib 
This is a large black Frankenstein pen made from a vintage Chinese pen barre, Sheaffer nib grind to italic and an old clip from an India pen.  The pen was "built" to be very long so that it is good for italic nib writing.  Not anything special, but something that is both fun and fulfilling to do. Amazing you could "built" a fountain pen from all different parts. So never discard an old fountain pen unless it is really in fragments

Hope that this review is helpful. (Please click on Image to see full screen)

Orange Acrylic Prototype FP_Italic Cursive

This is CLASSIC  style flat top over sized FP excellent   condition. It is a prototype FP made  from thick orange acrylic with gold trim. ...