As i grow in love with dip pens with its wide range of nibs, i have gathered some nibs for dip pens. The picture here show some of the dip pen nibs for sale. Please feel free to email and enquiry if you need further clarifications. Shipment for nibs via economy airmail is at $1.50 to all countries, except for 1 box of nibs which will cost $8 to ship registered mail.

Assorted Nibs lot 1
Assorted nib lot 1 - 4 piece US$2.00

Carl Kuhn Nibs - 1 box 
Unused nibs in box

Nibs Lot 2
Nibs 4 pieces  - US$5

Nibs Lot 4

5 piece Nibs - US$4

Nibs Lot 5

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